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ULTIMATE: PRO-16 Dyneema™ System with SK-75 BLACK-FIBER (download specs) Read More

ULTIMATE: PRO-9 Dyneema™ System with SK-75 BLACK-FIBER (download specs) Read More


Dyneema™ and Spectra™ netting is constructed from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). This fiber is used in many applications from bullet proof vests and military applications, to fishing lines, marine ropes and sports products.

The biggest advantages of UHMWPE fibers with regards to sports netting is the strength relative to the size of the twine. Dyneema and Spectra netting can achieve a very high break and burst strength while maintaining a very small twine size, allowing for better visibility, and improved wind and ice loading. In order to achieve an equivalent strength with typical Nylon netting, you'd have to go twice as thick with the twine. For example, to get strength equivalent to #18 knotted Dyneema or Spectra netting (350 lbs), compare to #36 Knotted nylon (365 lbs).

Not only is visibility, and loading improved, but also longevity. A typical UV DURA-Dipped Dyneema™ or Spectra™ backstop will typically last 10-12 years when properly installed, compared to 7-8 years for Nylon.

Johnny Burbank (Head Installer and Master Net Maker for Netting Professionals) was actually the first to introduce and install Spectra netting at a Major League Stadium, leading the way by using the same fiber he had known building shrimp trawls. Many more stadiums would call on Johnny to install netting through the years.

Netting Professionals provides the very best in Custom Backstop Netting Systems. Our team has over 60 years of combined netting experience.

Whether you need a high-end Ultra-low visible Dyneema or Spectra backstop net for a stadium, or a simple economical backstop netting replacement for chain link wire, we have you covered. All Netting Professionals backstops are treated with our special UV DURA-Dip Paint for exceptional life and durability against the elements.

 The backstop netting chart below compares the industry standard published (single-strand) breaking strengths of various types of backstop netting including #18 Spectra, #18 Dyneema, #24 and #36 Nylon, #504 Nylon, and 4ply Ultra-Cross Dyneema .


We offer fully customized installation services and design services for backstop net systems.

Contact us today to speak with a netting expert about Dyneema™ or Spectra™ netting or other netting products.





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