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40 years of experience installing netting at major baseball and softball stadiums has taught us a few things about netting. Throughout the years we have come in contact with all types of netting imaginable. Thinner variations of UHMWPE netting has always been available, but until recently, has not been used because of its lack of durability and low break strength. 4 ply Ultra Cross knotless braided netting is no different, and as you'll see, thinner is not always better.


Our ultimate goal for backstop netting systems is still the same as it has always been:
Provide the thinnest netting product possible, that will provide protection and long term durability from high impact spinning foul balls, when installed under proper tension. The break strength to achieve this result has long ago been determined to be MINIMUM 350 lbs, and the thinnest product determined to be #18 TK UHMWPE Netting. 




Ultra Cross knotless netting simply lacks in break strength and abrasion resistance when compared to other backstop netting products. Though slightly thinner, with nearly half the break strength of #18 TK, it will almost certainly have a shorter life span, and require much more maintenance (patching, and repairing holes). 




Benefits of Testing Ultra Cross vs. #18 TK Netting inside a tight 30” framework:


  • Simulation of netting attached just above the field wall where there is very little give in the netting to absorb impact. Any experienced stadium manager or groundskeeper knows that this area is where most of the damage occurs to a backstop net over time.
  • Timely and measurable comparison of the two types of netting tested: Ultra Cross did not even survive one shot from the machine, while #18 TK Netting failed after the 10th shot.
  • As venues continue to change, bringing fans in the front rows closer and closer to the field of play, the need for strong, highly tensioned netting becomes greater.
  • Why are nets installed so tight at baseball stadiums? Because if the net is loose, 100 mph balls coming back off home plate will deflect (move) the netting, and could impact spectators in the first row. 



Watch the complete testing video here:




The bottom line: What product would you and your family rather be sitting behind after years of continuous impact? 185 lb. strength Ultra Cross, or 350 lb. strength #18 TK netting? 




We stand behind our testing and our claim:


“The Best Is Still The Best”


#18 Twisted Knotted UHMWPE Baseball Backstop netting is a far better choice than Ultra Cross.



Toll Free: 844-620-2707


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