Saturday, 20 January 2018

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Netting Professionals Batting Practice Roll-on cages are constructed from the highest quality materials and designed for heavy team use.

BP Turtle Pro:

This is hands-down the BEST Roll Cage in the world!

Specifications / Details:
•    Dimensions: 16' 6" inside width mouth / 20' outside wheels x 10' 6" H x 15' deep / 17'6" deep to back wheel
•    Rigid Framework with welded 2" Sch. 40 aluminum pipe. Available with three swivel wheels, or rigid side wheels with steering rear wheel.
•    #60 UV DURA-Dip treated black nylon netting and 18 oz. vinyl ball stop / backdrop.
•    Full Vinyl Covered rail padding on all exposed bars.
•    Extra shade and dead-ball curtain at roof available upon request.
•    Made in the USA

Standard Model BP TURTLE PRO with FULL VINYL COVERED PADDING SET - Rigid side wheels / Swivel rear wheel

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Toll Free: 844-620-2707


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