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100 years ago Johnny Burbank’s Grandfather William “Pop” Burbank began hand-crafting nets, and Johnny is no different. His netting abilities come from a lifetime, and a family history of custom hand made netting. Starting out with shrimp trawls, and transitioning later into sports nets, through the years Johnny has helped shape the changes in the netting industry.

Johnny Burbank revolutionized the baseball backstop net industry with the installation of UHMWPE fiber netting at hundreds of baseball and softball stadiums nation-wide. This fiber was first used by the Burbank family making shrimp trawl nets that would help conserve fuel consumption by shrimp boats in the 70s.

The netting expertise and customization abilities of Johnny Burbank combined with the design and innovative engineering abilities of Eli Rowe is un-matched in the sport netting industry. To complete the Netting Professionals team; Will Minor brings a wealth of baseball knowledge and experience as a college player under Hall of Fame Coach Dusty Rhodes at the University of North Florida, and from many years as a high school baseball coach. Netting Professionals is able to work together with architects, engineers, builders, coaches, athletics departments, and municipalities to make facility and stadium netting systems the best they can be.

Johnny Burbank, Eli Rowe, and Will Minor are continuing a legacy of hand made custom netting deeply rooted in the Burbank family as far back as 1915.

Three Generations have seen the changes in the family netting business from hand made seine fish nets of the early 1900’s to ultra-high performance baseball backstop net systems of today and the future. Johnny Burbank and Netting Professionals continue to improve on these backstop and sport net systems by utilizing the latest technology and quality netting materials.

Netting Professionals exists to provide quality, customized netting products for baseball, softball and other sports.

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