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 Netting Professionals provides netting treated with black UV resistant marine grade DURA-Dip paint. This specially formulated treatment was born from it's use in the marine fish & shrimp trawl industry and perfected by the Burbank family through years of use on nets that must withstand harsh marine elements. Many companies make claims of UV treatments and bonds, however none can compare to the DURA-Dip formula. Netting Professionals takes the same dyed black netting most companies claim as UV resistant, and treat it with a complex, four-stage process using DURA-Dip. This process coats and penetrates the fibers of the netting, providing maximum resistance to fading and UV rays. The resin content of the treatment binds the knots to prevent slippage, and fraying at the edges of the netting. As this treatment is not water-based, it provides superior durability as compared to cheaper latex based treatments that wash out when exposed to moisture. 

 Key Qualities:

  • Added strength
  • Added UV Resistance
  • Added Black Color-Stay - Won't turn
  • Added life (Up to 75%)
  • Ability to re-dip used nets for extended life
  • Added water resistance
  • Added abrasion resistance
  • Added knot security
  • Added dead-ball effect (for batting cages and impact nets)


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Toll Free: 844-620-2707


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